Authenics Personal Training

  • Correct Muscular Imbalances

  • Increase Mobility & Reduce Muscular Tension

  • Gain Lean Functional Muscle

  • Reduce Body Pains

  • Strengthen Joints & Connective Tissues

  • Build Strength

  • Lose Excess Body Fat

  • Raise Your Vibrations :)

Training Philosophy

We develop a strong foundation for the body by emphasizing proper movement mechanics that will promote not only muscular function but strengthen connective tissues and joints as well. At Authenics, you will fundamentally understand how your body is suppose to position itself and move throughout exercises. All of our workouts contain progressional steps which develop your body and allow for it to become stronger. 

Authenics creates custom detailed fitness programs for clients of all ages and fitness levels. No cookie cutter programs. We evaluate your body's movement pattern, weaknesses, along with your lifestyle to deliver a program that progressively builds your body. At Authenics, you will develop a strong, mobile & aesthetic body for a full transformation. You can kiss good bye those muscular pains from past injuries and develop a new you.


All personal training is through a monthly membership. Please contact the studio for consultation, pricing & availability.

Consultation - $55